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Now it's time to promote BCH as the real bitcoin

Now it's time to promote BCH as the real bitcoin

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BTC and ETH fees are consistently high and BCH now has a unique opportunity to gain wider recognition.

We have to market BCH as a coin that's designed better than BTC and ETH because it can accomodate 10x more users.

BTC was designed poorly even as a store of value/hodl coin because only rich people can accumulate, shuffle and transfer coins without losing hundreds of dollars on fees.

ETH was designed poorly because you never know how much gas you should pay and the gas price bidding process is similar to BTC's.

BCH is best for payments - we all know that but it is more important that we promote it as a store of value because that will attract mainstream adoption and institutional investors.

People can use BCH to accumulate wealth over time, buying when they have only a few dollars to spare. They can also shuffle coins and stay anonymous without paying hundreds of dollars on fees.

We need a strong stablecoin like tether (centralized) and DAI (decentralized) because it's easier to pay with a stablecoin and calculate taxes where applicable.

It would be great if USDH or a similar stablecoin gets some investors/funding + media coverage and possibly audits...

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