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Observations since 2012

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DeFi has come around as the latest best thing, but this was previously held by BCH, ETH, privacy chains, and DOGE before that. We also had people gushing over e-commerce and POS usage of BTC in the real world. I remember when bitcoin ATMs were the answer to more adoption, which seems quaint now.

When “nearly feeless and scalable” second layers are built on ETH, we can expect another freak out, but these are typically as forgettable as their names. Look at the YoY dominance of the XRPL technics and the FBA. Look at the institutional and legal groundwork, which takes years to break into. The most hardcore XRP supporters went from fearing arrest (in the early days) to building the world’s only serious upgrade to Swift.

Meanwhile, madmaxing it using a unicorn-themed platform with double digit fees is considered smart.

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