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OMG Network and a million TPS

OMG Network and a million TPS

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OMG started of with the possibility of doing 1 million TPS.

Really, can OMG achieve a million TPS? It surely can and it can even do it today if needed. Everyone following Plasma tech knows that scalability is not a problem at all in Plasma and it can achieve extremely high(millions) TPS at very low costs.

OMG Plasma can do around 4000 TPS today on just average config computers. Unlike a few months back, now multiple plasma chains and nested chains are possible with Plasma predicates. You can see this in the plasma group AMA video and in part2 of Hoard's AMA. Links given below. 300 plasma chains and 4000 TPS per chain is 1.2 million TPS.

But what OMG needs to focus on currently is, UX, DEX, market fit features, etc. so as to gain adoption . As more clients start using it and filling up the 4000 TPS, OMG can spin up additional chains.

OMG plasma is a professional, for production solution that has a lot of depth to it. It has a full fledged watcher to auto detect fraud to facilitate challenges.It also has a JavaScript library making it web developer friendly. The ewallet once integrated with the OMG plasma network will enable the UX for mainstream users.

Excerpt from Hoard AMA part1

"OmiseGO plasma is the only working, professional layer two solution on Ethereum."

Excerpt from Hoard AMA part2 regarding multiple chains

"We plan to cooperate with OMG Network as close as possible and work with them on support for all these features required by Hoard. If one plasma chain in not enough to handle all Hoard related transactions we will be improving it or running additional chains where part of traffic can be moved to. Assuming that we run a game with high TPS demand we can move such a game to dedicated plasma chain or chains if the game logic and architecture allows this. Game designer can split the game world and run dedicated plasma chain to every one of these worlds."

“AMA 23: OmiseGO x Hoard” by OmiseGO

“Hoard & OmiseGO AMA Part 2” by Hoard

Plasma Group AMA video

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