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On Network Fees

On Network Fees

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On Network Fees


So, I only started fooling with cryptocurrency nine months ago. I am one of the "find an interest and let it consume you"-types.

One move from Brave Browser to the native crypto educated me on the understanding of ETH as gas in all pair swaps and movement on the BC in any form for that matter.

The UNI drop made me recall that 44 BAT trapped in that wallet, and I am happy to say that I was am a recipient of the drop as UniSwap user to only have ever had "failed transactions."

For dress rehearsal, I thought I would attempt to move the 44 BAT before claiming UNI. However, I would need to obtain some ETH, and so I attempted such via Wyre in the Crypto Wallet, MetaMask variant that held the 44 BAT.

This is not innovation.

Is this the origin of yield farming earnings? Even ignoring the Wyre fee, the fee is 10.8%. That's not innovation. This is upsetting, because I initially understood that 95% of players haven't a clue, but now feel that the other 5% are orchestral crooks--brilliant...just crooked a bit.

That's my 0.00024 ETH, anyway.

Edit: I said 10.8%, but $2.99~3/20=.15*100, 15% would be the network fee !!!

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