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Once, there was a village.

Once, there was a village.


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Since plague was circulating all over the country, Mayer decided to hand out money to people to maintain society. And, there was market near the village. Since most of people were not able to work, quiet lot of people gatherd and earning money by trading things and investing to guild.

At that time, shells or pearls or tropical fishes, something pretty that can get from beach and ocean was quiet trending at the market, and especially pearls or tropical fishes were treated with value. Buisness was emerging around this, people tried to research how to well grow tropical fishes, how to well preserve and pollish pearls and shells, how to weave those pretty and functionally to make necklace, something like that. People were trying to take these seriously, not just some trash. It seemed that those thing's price were too high, but every thing was expensive at then, since money were floating all over the villages. Maybe those money will be able to get back to village's townhall with not hurting the market, if people control the market carefully.

And there were some merechants, who thought like 'Hey, what about selling sand? It's quiet pretty also, you know'. It was only for fun and just joke, they thought it would be fun to selling it and then they really took it to the market. 'Hey, it would be really fun! Let's see other's face when we try to sell this!'

They felt something was wrong after sand really kept selling well. But, things were still in control untill then. There was some rich, who was building the resort on the island said something like, 'Maybe we could use sand as money over there', and people started to buy send, sell sand, get sand from the beach and sell as if they are crazy. Buy sand and sell sand? Really? They even criticize to that rich when the price gets low, and everytime that rich reply to that or said some thing, sand trading got on fire. People started to doubt every values of things from the beach. 'If sand sold at that price, and if everythings from beach can be like that, it seems pearls or shells are either overestimated though it's useless'. Now, looking for cause or blame some one doesn't matter anymore because it will not help solving the problem.

People are keep bringing sand to the market, and sand's price is getting higher. No matter how rich some one is, there is limited amount of buying the sand, and sand's amounts are infinity. So, there sure would be some day people wouldn't be able to afford sand's price. I think time is coming, I hope 'high people' has any kind of measures for this.

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