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Opsec ease-of-use & ear-gaping my bitcoins

Opsec ease-of-use & ear-gaping my bitcoins

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I am thinking about designating an old core2duo dell tower of mine to be for offline/cold storage/air gapping my bitcoin.

Does anyone have an optimized setup for what I’m talking about? Or any suggestions from similar experience? I would be using existing hardware so the investment would be minimal.

The only cost would be a kvm switch which I don’t yet have. A kvm switch would make the experience of switching between 2 towers & perhaps a laptop/docked laptop much easier.

I’m also wondering about things on the software side- would I be using a USB stick and a copy of electrum on the cold storage tower and the internet-connected tower?

TLDR I have a stack of crap that I want to put to use. I think that using this old hardware to air gap my wallet would be neat. Looking for advice on hardware+software suggestions.

These are I believe all core2duos. Not sure about ram but there’s 1 tb of storage on one of them. (Perhaps that can function to be my own server?)

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