free web page hit counter A Comparison between the Most Promising Cryptocurrencies of 2018

A Comparison between the Most Promising Cryptocurrencies of 2018


Apart from bitcoin and a few other digital currencies, most of the currencies had a hard time in 2017. In fact, even bitcoin did not have it all smooth, as towards the end of the year, the disagreements among the developers of the coin saw another coin, the bitcoin cash, developed. While it is generally true that bitcoin was the best performing coin throughout 2017, the same might not be the case in 2018. There are new coins that seem to be better performing than bitcoin. In this article, we shall look at some of these new coins and also examine their prospective if they will replace bitcoin or whether they are just another bubble.


This is a new currency that has been launched on block chain technology. As the value of major and popular crypto currencies remain stagnant or even depreciates, that of stellar is actually on the rise. Given that 2018 is still fresh, with only a few days past the start of the year, it is likely that this coin will overtake not just ripple and ethereum, but bitcoin and Litecoin as well. Data shows that this coin has grown by over 150% in just 2018, while the major currencies have not posted any improvement yet. Stellar has already displaced Litecoin to become the sixth most popular coin in the block chain technology. With a value of about $16.4 billion, stellar might soon be the best currency of 2018.


This is a crypto currency based on the block chain technology. Launched in 2015, this coin has significantly altered the way crypto currencies work. This coin puts more emphasis on a more balanced and sustainable ecosystem that provides a better account for the needs of its users. The start of 2018 might as well be the year the developers of this coin have been waiting for. The coin has already posted impressive results, gaining about 46% growth each day. At a price of around $0.41, this coin is affordable, making it possible for many beginners find favor with it. The coin can easily post about 400% growth, according to analysts. This means that this coin might as well displace major coins in 2018.


This crypto currency is one with a lot of potential to grow beyond any imagination. Originally, this coin was developed for businesses. Unlike other currencies where it is based on peer to peer transaction, IOTA is based on business to business. This will enable sharing of resources among businesses in real time. The good thing with this coin is that there are no hidden costs, and it is very affordable.

The affordability of IOTA coin is enough to make major currencies rest uneasy. Many of the businesses are now turning to this currency for their transactions, something that will inevitably push the price of this coin up. It is predicted that in 2018, this coin might displace major currencies on block chain technology.


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