free web page hit counter AppCoins is Launching Today on Another Top 5 Crpto Exchange!

AppCoins is Launching Today on Another Top 5 Crpto Exchange!


AppCoins(APPC) will be launched on Huobi Pro today and its planned to be also on Bittrex. AppCoins (APPC) has held its ICO and is up nearly 300% since being added to Binance. AppCoins is an open and distributed protocal for App Stores using blockchain technology and smart contracts. Servign over 200 milion users, AppCoin (APPC) tokens are the new native currency of the app economy that ensures trust without intermediaries.Aptoide is one of the largest Android App Stores, with over 4 billion downloads, 200 million users and direct engagement with over 12,000 developers including Gameloft and Zeptolab. Aptoide has a network of over 70 corporate partners, including OEMs and Telecom companies. As a cryptocurrency, the AppCoin token will benefit all stakeholders of the app economy: 1. For Users, a trusted environment with new purchasing possibilities; 2. For Developers, a transparent and efficient way to monetize their apps and build a reputation. 3. For App Stores, a new universal language that ensures trust without intermediaries. Use of funds: 58% Development, 23% Strategy and operations, 15% Marketing, 4% Legal Project tokens price: 1 APPC = 0.0003339 ETH Project tokens function: Main Transaction method and currency for App Stores Aptoide keeps growing at an accelerated rate, as we hit 1 million devices with Aptoide exported from China. As you should know by now, Aptoide opened an office in Shenzen, China back in 2015. The business development team in Shenzen, led by Manuel Saraiva, has been closing a number of partnerships with local Android device manufacturers to include Aptoide pre-installed in their devices. Amongst these manufacturers, there are brands such as Vivo, Gionee, LEAGOO, Qmobile and even Android TV manufacturers such as Skyworth, KONKA and Changhong.


If using bitcoin is one way of saying “f*** you” to the banks who until now have largely controlled our money, AppCoins is equivalent to saying “hell no” to Apple and Google, whose respective app stores sadly dominate the mobile landscape.

AppCoins was created by Aptoide, an existing player in the mobile app industry. Its alternative marketplace runs on the Android OS and boasts 200 million users worldwide. The team’s goal is to disrupt the current app store duopoly and bring more transparency & efficiency to this space. It plans to do so by marrying blockchain technology and smart contracts with app stores (not just its own).

Compared to current marketplaces, this protocol seeks to reduce intermediaries which currently inflate the cost of advertising apps, to encourage in-app purchases and other forms of app monetization, and to streamline the now-sluggish app approval process (I’m looking at you, Apple). The idea is that by moving everything to the blockchain, this ecosystem will become transparent and all parties will be incentivized to fully participate. For instance, individual developers will be ranked according to their trustworthiness according to past transactions, and a transparent dispute system will be created.

The AppCoins themselves are ERC-20 compatible tokens which run on the Ethereum network and will be allocated based on what the team calls “Cost per attention” (the Basic Attention Tokenutilizes a similar concept). Tokens will be granted to users in exchange for downloading apps and giving them 2 minutes of their attention, and can be used to make in-app purchases (but not to purchase the apps themselves).

If the people behind AppCoins have their way, the end result will be an ecosystem which serves users, developers and, importantly, other app stores that choose to implement this protocol. To that end, the project “aims to become the universal language of the app economy.” AppCoins claims to be “app store agnostic” but will focus on Android apps for now.

Of course, it remains to be seen if the Aptoide platform stands a chance against the market leaders in the long run. After all, even corporations such as Amazon and Samsung have tried and failed to make a dent in the area of app marketplaces. Nevertheless, you can’t deny the concept of an open and immutable protocol is exciting and revolutionary. If this particular project doesn’t pan out, hopefully another one like it will.

Again, while the early investment aspect is exciting, I encourage readers to do their own research on AppCoins and decide for themselves whether they’d like to be a part of this. Just as Substratum promises to revolutionize the internet by allowing equal and unfettered access to the internet for everyone – no matter what the FCC and the cable companies have planned for us – AppCoins represents a chance to free the world from the dominance of the ‘big boys’ in the mobile app industry and usher in a new world in which apps and mobile advertising works for everyone, freely and fairly.


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