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Parents and Bitcoin

Parents and Bitcoin

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I haven’t much time to share this story before, so I decide to share it now.
My parents are such a stereotype and conservative people. In general, ordinary parents who accept only the traditional finance world.

Some months ago I first bought in a bit of BTC. And of course, I couldn’t stop talking about it for several weeks. My parents didn’t understand me at all. They told me that I just wasted my money and so on.

I didn't like their attitude to Bitcoin. That’s why I decided to change their mind about it and. I asked somewhere on Reddit ‘how to convince parents that Bitcoin is creating value and it’s making the revolution?’ There were many answers, and I told them to my parents. They listened but suggested to drop the subject.

Sometime later was my birthday and my dad sent me a screencast of coin360 with BTC's price. He asked if it was the right price to buy in. I was so surprised by it. That night I went to my parents' house to learn the ropes. It emerged that my dad secretly was researching Bitcoin and Blockchain and with his new knowledge and Reddit’s influence he decided to invest some money in BTC to experience everything himself.

So I’m here to thank Reddit Bitcoin community as you’re doing so much for mass adoption of Bitcoin.

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