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Peter Schiff was wrong

Peter Schiff was wrong

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I used to think Peter Schiff would come around once he had the inevitable light bulb moment but then 2013 came and went, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 came and went, and now even 2019 has passed him by.

It seems he is far too salty about the fact he passed on $10 bitcoin back in 2012 and would rather see bitcoin burn to the ground now than have it work and actually benefit humanity.

I've watched him grow from a middle aged man to a grandpa shouting at bitcoin the whole way, he will still be screaming that bitcoin is worthless on his death bed even if the whole world is using it.

He's holding onto gold as if he was the last person alive holding onto the horse and buggy industry.

I bet after all these years he still hasn't even taken the time to read Satoshi's whitepaper. Heck, he hasn't even sent a bitcoin transaction himself, he has only ever received donations to an antiquated paper wallet or used bitpay to receive dollars for gold sales.

Back in 2012 while misinformed and uninformed due to the lack of information available back then he decided it was a worthless scam, now he has too much pride to change his mind mainly because of all his followers that missed the boat listening to him deride bitcoin year after year. Even if he has had the inevitable lightbulb moment already he can't and wont admit it.

Peter, there is nothing wrong with admitting you were wrong, but there is something very wrong about continuing to convince your followers not to take bitcoin seriously. This is their future, and their future is more important than your pride.

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