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Phybr- And how you solve the Coordinator problem

Phybr- And how you solve the Coordinator problem

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The greek letter Φ is used as a symbol for golden ratio, a constant describing the natural balance of things. While this ratio seems anything but balanced, if you add the factor of time and dynamics, you will see the beauty of a natural order unfold. We believe in three maxims:

An unbalanced system can be exploited. The bigger and more complex a system is, the harder it is to balance it. A dynamically balanced system is hard to exploit, independently of its size and complexity. We believe in interdisciplinary approaches. There is nothing new under the sun, as it is told. If you have a problem to solve, chances are that the nature has solved it somehow, somewhere. We borrow different concepts from other disciplines to create something really astonishing!

This is just a teaser. More info on the PhybrConsensus will be released as soon as possible.

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