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Please Help! Someone stole all my ltc and btc!

Please Help! Someone stole all my ltc and btc!

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I've been mining for almost two years and had to move out as I lost my job. I just checked my wallet on coinomi and it looks like someone as emptied it out. I am extremely distraught as this was my only real savings left and I cannot fathom how someone could have gotten ahold of it.

The last transaction that emptied my wallet is

my address is the 1E one. I also found my Litecoin on my litewallet is drained too.

I'm mostly wondering how someone could have gotten my keys, I'll admit looking back it wasn't too secure to have my keys backed up in my Contacts in plain text on my iPhone, but how could anyone get in there? My icloud is 2FA and my password on the phone is alphanumeric. My contact list is also extremely large so it would be hard to me to even find it by hand. Can anyone think about what can happen? No one else has access to my phone at all.

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