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PoC Concept Idea for European Power System

PoC Concept Idea for European Power System

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Dear Sir and Madams,

as some of you know, we have a union electric system across the boarders in the EU. In this conclusion every country have to be near exactly the same AC fequency - otherwise there are huge problems up to outages. (less often)

An good example for problems in this system are A) Clocks in electronic devices like an oven was up to 8 min ahead the real time due to the fact that they use the fequency as an clock.


B) Outages cause of fequency disfunction between countrys

So my idea is an RaspPi Projekt for as much as possible points in the EU with an good fequ. measuring and sending this data to the tangle and build a website with the differences.

This differences also show that less or to much energy are in some parts of the power supply infrastructure because energy has to be used when it is produced, there is no buffer.

So i‘m searching someone who is interested to work with me. (I‘m an IT guy, no electronics or dev)

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