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Pre Fork BCH coins, only ABC deposited

Pre Fork BCH coins, only ABC deposited

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I have pre fork BCH tokena. Last month i made a BCH deposit from my ledger nano s to my binance account and i successfully received BCHABC and BCHSV equal amounts. last night I made the same pre fork bch deposit for a much larger amount from the same ledger address to the same binance BCHABC address and the BCHSV coins has not been deposited, only BCHABC. i have reached out to The binance support team are not providing assistance despite the fact I did the same thing as last time...

"We have checked the withdrawal platform of your last transaction is different from this transaction you have made. The BCH split is different if from different withdrawal platform, and it depends on withdrawal platform not receiving platform. So we kindly advise you to contact withdrawal platform for more information."

As mentioned, this is not true as i used the same to and from address from the same platform ny LNS, this is unacceptaple from Binance it sounds like they are not releasing the split coins. Please assist on what I should do??

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