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Privacy features for Bitcoin Cash

Privacy features for Bitcoin Cash

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Bitcoin Cash is a great cryptocurrency for any kind of payments. It can, already, also be used to offer some privacy when transacting, an essential feature that is required in any modern payment system.

Nobody wants to see one’s financial records publicly available forever without some kind of obfuscation to make chain analysis unreliable. So, what are the methods currently available that could make Bitcoin Cash as private as it can be?

Already usable

  • CashShuffle. A way to aggregate CoinJoin transactions in a trustless and decentralized way in order to obfuscate the origin and traceability of the coins.

Still being developed

  • CashFusion. You will be able to consolidate coins without being traced. Please, consider donating to the developers who are working to make it possible.

Future (still)

These could be added as a plugin to Electron Cash, for example.

  • STONEWALL (from Samourai wallet). Somehow obscure and protect the amount you are sending, breaking the link.

  • Ricochet (from Samourai wallet). Add hops between transactions to break the link. Specially useful when making deposits to exchanges or delayed payments.

  • Stowaway Transaction (from Samourai wallet too). Collaborate with the receiver to send money by hiding the amount. Confuse anyone looking at this from outside.

This community loves technical solutions. What are your thoughts and opinions? I’d like to hear them.

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