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Problems with Crescent Cash and BIP47 payment codes

Problems with Crescent Cash and BIP47 payment codes

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Hello, everybody! I just came back from a long recess from Reddit.

This is kind of complicated, but I’ll try to express myself the best way I can. I had a phone in which I downloaded Crescent Cash. I cautiously saved my seed in order to recover it later.

When I later changed my phone, I wanted to recover the funds stored in that wallet. What I did was to install the app on my new device and restore it with my previous seed.

I found I had no balance, which was weird because I clearly had some BCH. I double checked my seed with my old phone (that phone had Crescent Cash still installed and I could see my balance and my recovery phrase). Then I thought, “hey, I could just ‘send’ my money to my new phone.” I did that and scanned the BIP47 code in my new phone with my old phone. I sent all my balance and then waited.

Not a single notification came and I then had my new and old phones telling me I had no money. Apparently I’m misunderstanding something about payment codes and BIP47 (which seems to be Crescent Cash default), but where did my money actually go? I now think that I should have used another method to transfer my coins, but that was what I thought of in the moment because the amount wasn’t too big.

I would be glad if you could help me. Maybe this isn’t the best place, but I couldn’t find other way to ask about this problem.

Edit: I’m adding the TXIDs I see in the wallet. Keep in mind I’m both the sender and receiver.

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