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Project Alvarium: Community Questions

Project Alvarium: Community Questions

IOTA Reddit

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Hello IOTA Community!Together IOTA and Dell Technologies Demonstrate First Data Confidence Fabric.

Post here your questions for the webinar happening on February 24th and make sure to upvote questions you deem most interesting.

As organizations across the globe begin to recognize the importance of data-driven strategies, they can quickly identify opportunities to substantially transform various aspect of their business.Using today’s emerging technologies including edge computing, AI, 5G and multi-cloud architectures, the adoption will require the business to evolve and become more open and agile. With these solutions, data trustworthiness is of the utmost importance in every discussion and at every point in the data journey. To capitalize on the opportunities to gain greater real-time trust in the data generated, organizations need a holistic edge data confidence strategy and solution.

Use this thread to post questions for industry thought leaders, Steve Todd, Dell Technologies, Paul O’Neill, Intel and Mathew Yarger, IOTA, regarding Project Alvarium, a Data Confidence Fabric, built to measure and score the trustworthiness of data.

Register to the webinar:

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