free web page hit counter, a non-custodial payment gateway for Bitcoin Cash, got their Flipstarter fully funded!, a non-custodial payment gateway for Bitcoin Cash, got their Flipstarter fully funded!

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Link to the Flipstarter

This funding will allow to add some very cool features. This is the list of goals quoted directly from the Flipstarter text:

fully open source our gateway: We will open source all our Go (backend) and TypeScript (frontend) code of Prompt.Cash.

SLP token integration: We will add full SLP token support to Prompt.Cash. This means we will (likely?) be the first payment processor where you can pay with any SLP token (that the merchant accepts).

API compatibility with Paypal & Stripe: These 2 are the most popular payment gateways and as such can integrate seamlessly into thousands other stores, open source libraries and other software. Our goal is to “copy” their APIs so that Prompt.Cash can serve as a drop-in replacement for Paypal and Stripe. This means all software that works with Paypal or Stripe will be compatible with Prompt.Cash by just changing the URL of the server this software talks to.

Offline Payments: We will develop a modified version of our gateway as point-of-sale (POS) application for restaurants and other in-person sales. This version will come with an UTXO indexer to continue accepting payments during periods without internet connectivity at the POS. Thanks to the most-recent state of the UTXO being locally available this POS application will be able to mitigate the risk of double-spends for many hours (6-24h or more depending on merchant’s risk tolerance and trust in his customers).

DeFi integration: We will integrate the AnyHedge smart contract into our platform and give merchants the option to hedge their USD value of their received Bitcoin Cash on every purchase. Specifically, we will provide our own market maker API that combines the smart contract and our payments API to ensure there is enough liquidity for a hedge any time a payment is made (otherwise the customer can not pay the merchant).

URL Shortener: We have almost completed work on our URL shortener. This will let you monetize any URL you share. If you control the target server, you can enable a signed SHA2 token as parameter, so that nobody bypasses the shortener to skip payment (similar to our already implemented Callback Signature)

WordPress, WooCommerce and RestrictContentPro plugin: We will release a plugin that works with WordPress to hide text in posts (such as download links, images,…) until payment. Additionally this plugin will work with WooCommerce to pay for physical & digital goods. Lastly, the plugin will integrate our gateway into RestrictContentPro, which is a popular way to sell and manage membership access to online courses, digital products, and other subscription-based services.

A deployable Payment Processor to our own server (including REST API and all features).

Free hosted gateway without fees for all merchants (all tiers) for 1 year on our website: We have been approached by many small sites and hobby projects BCH community who think a gateway should be completely free to use. To satisfy their needs, we intend to fund our work through this flipstarter instead.

Hosting fees 1 year: This flipstarter will cover website plus our own BCHD node which we will make publicly available for others to use (Intel Xeon-E 2288G - 8c/ 16t - 3.7 GHz/ 5 GHz, 128 GB DDR4 ECC 2666 MHz, 2 x 960 GB SSD NVMe Soft RAID)

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