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Prove me wrong: I want to learn.

Prove me wrong: I want to learn.

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From what I can see having been invested both personally and financially in crypto over the past 2 years, is that Blockchain is an unbelievable piece of technology that has many different use-cases.

But, on the other side of that, crypto currencies and tokens seem to, on the most part, have little to zero use. The companies that develop these tokens or currencies seem to almost use such methods as a means to fund their development (much like you would with a stock IPO), without losing any control over their own business (and not being responsible for stakeholders).

I apologise if this should’ve had more explanation or is written strangely, haven’t had any sleep and have just got off of a flight. Anyway - just thinking about things. Let me know what you think? Prove to me that these tokens and currencies are actually being used.

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