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QUANT NETWORK: Fundamental Analysis

QUANT NETWORK: Fundamental Analysis

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QUANT NETWORK: Fundamental Analysis

Hello everyone!

Today I am a sharing a research piece I’ve been working on regarding the Project Quant Network and QNT, it’s ERC-20 utility token.

What is Quant Network?

Quant Network is a UK company , based in London, which developed the world’s first blockchain operating system known as Overledger, a system which inter-connects blockchains and existing networks, facilitating the creation of internet scale multi-chain applications. Their project has a token, QNT which is integral to it’s Overledger platform and the demand for which will increase as usage through the system increases.

Team and Advisors

The company is founded and led by Gilbert Verdian, a technologist with over 20 years of industry experience working in enterprise, finance, government and financial entities such as HSBC and Mastercard, giving the project the necessary connections within business and finance to suceed. Other team members can be found on Linkedin.

Plus, In 2019, Guy Dietrich, Managing Director of Rockefeller Capital (yes, that Rockefeller) joined the board of Quant Network, supporting the company’s ongoing expansion in the US.

Partnerships and Enterprise Adoption

This point is very interesting since Quant has a business development pipeline of 300 clients consisting of financial institutions, central banks, government health services and other enterprise level organisations, and established partnerships with many large and leading organizations within technology.

As well as yet to be disclosed financial institutions, they have an ongoing project with European ICT giant, SIA which is probably the largest most significant finance related partnership ever landed by a cryptocurrency project. Integrating Overledger and QNT into the core of global financial infrastructure (more here). What most crypto investors don't comprehend is that if The Human Body was the European Banking System, SIA would be the veins that carry the blood between all the organs. SIA has around 580 banks in their network and processes inter banking transactions between all of them.


This is where things get a little bit complicated. There´s not much info regarding Overledger (quant’s interoperability solution) in github with only a few entrances being published as the SDK code. However, being that, Quant is a company that exists and operates primarily within the enterprise space where Overledger acts as a Patented solution it’s understandable that the code wont ever be purely open source since it’s the heart and soul of the company. According to the CEO there are 500 non-public entrances on github but they remain private.


Another negative point in QNT inventory is the lack of exchanges. Currently, the only reputable exchanges where you can find QNT are IDEX, Bittrex Global and Bithumb. A tier 1 exchange was announced last year but it never came to life. According to a AMA that the CEO did on Telegram, some of Quant´s institutional partners don’t feel comfortable with Quant paying to get the utility token listed on non regulated exchanges. Therefore only a few alternatives remain like for example: Kraken, Bitstamp or Coinbase. According to a publication made on Quant Network subreddit the team is pursuing a listing on these exchanges and also traditional exchanges that will start to accept crypto assets for their institutional clients this year.


In Q2 2020, there are a lot of milestones for Quant Network to achieve. According to the roadmap, Overledger will pass from the Testnet to the Mainet version. This means that all the clients will have to start paying for the licenses to use Overledger (OVN) with fiat currencies that later are converted to QNT and locked up for the length of the license period. Also getaways (similar to master nodes) will be launched where you can stake QNT to help process transactions through the network. All of this will be demonstrated on the Overledger dashboard. There are also hints about a SIA update, exchanges listings and of course new institutional clients announcements.


As of today, Quant Network utility token, QNT, has a valuation of around 3.9$ and a market cap of 48M$ according to Coinmarketcap with All Time High at around 14$ (when the SIA partnership was announced). According to a Forbes article QUANT did 10M in revenue last year and if everything goes according to plan they will surpass that value this year. Even thought there are some munor issues with Quant Network like lack of Github commitments and high liquidity exchanges the pros seem to surpass the cons in regards to the project. In the coming months the business developments like getaways, treasury and dashboard that Quant has in the pipeline can bring the value of the utility token to new highs as partnerships, exchanges and other other clients are also announced.

As always, crypto is a volatile market and make sure you DYOR regarding any recommendations you read online.

Thank you for reading my first ever article on reddit and let me know what you think in the comments.

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