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Question about creating MyEtherWallet

Question about creating MyEtherWallet

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Hello, i want to create a new wallet but i have some questions for you, i have used a Keystore file option. I have entered my password, downloaded my keystore file and my eth wallet was created. But i have some questions.

When i open keystore file with notepad i can see my eth adress ("address":"58f53853ec00fde42b1acf5d9a13e3f41e89b467")

and then there are 3 keys ("ciphertext":"434366518cf81063cc3b82be82875a9f52f21e24356e7f109bb86076f4f6f32a")

("salt":"50e007664c74c896c53de5d999940a23d1454fa54bcdbd631e02d70503470dce") and


What are those keys ? every one them open a different wallet, is there an opinion i can see my real private key so i can print a paper wallet ?

And whats the point of password when i can open the keystore file and see the content ?

Thank you :)

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