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Question about “Eth2” on Kucoin

Question about “Eth2” on Kucoin

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Crypto noob here, even bigger Eth noob. I know the change to Eth2 is supposed to start soon, but I’m a little confused about Eth2’s listing on Kucoin (not sure if other exchanges have it as well). If the change hasn’t happened yet, how do they have 2.0 listed? Is it legit? Is it a preemptive thing where they’ll automatically change to “real” Eth2 when the change eventually happens? I thought it was supposed to take about a year and a half to rollout. I am confusion.

I swapped my Eth for Eth2 on Kucoin and am receiving staking rewards for it in the form of Eth2. Just wondering if anyone had any info on its legitimacy or how it works. Thanks ahead of time!

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