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Question about gas fees when transferring ETH

Question about gas fees when transferring ETH

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I have bought ERC-20 tokens in the past and as you all know we pay a gas fees, my purchases have ranged about $25-$30 in fees. Last night I was going to move some ETH from my wallet to an exchange and during the process I was going to have to pay fees. Per usual, I was monitoring all my usual gas sites and adjusting my gas price and limit. When I submitted the transaction I checked on it in the explorer and after a few seconds it showed success and the fee I had to pay was only a couple dollars. I performed the action again but this time set the gas limit a lot lower and it completed again with a similar fee. So I am wanting to know do we know pay the same type of fees when we transfer to an exchange as when we buy an ERC-20 token?

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