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Question on Sending Bitcoin and Change Addresses

Question on Sending Bitcoin and Change Addresses

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Hey all, I have a question on sending bitcoin and change address. Looked for answers on google or bitcointalk but with no avail.

Say if I run a service that requires me to send bitcoin in sort of high frequency, e.g. bitcoin casino, exchange, mining pool, etc. Will I ever run into a case where I could not send bitcoin out due to funds still stuck in unconfirmed change addresses. E.g. I have 1BTC balance, and I'm processing a 0.2 BTC pay-out to a user (say the transaction output is 0.2 BTC to the user and 0.8 BTC to my return address). Because of the 0.8 BTC is still an unconfirmed transaction, I can't pay other users even when the amount they requested is <0.8 BTC.

This is a hypothetical scenario with an oversimplified UTXO construct, but how does online casinos, exchanges, mining pools, fix this problem of potentially not being able to make payouts because a majority of their funds are stuck in change address pending to be confirmed on the blockchain?

Thanks in advance!

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