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Questions about BSV in Coinbase wallet

Questions about BSV in Coinbase wallet

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I had some BCH a couple years ago in a Coinbase wallet and didn't touch it or look at it until today.

Now I see I have BSV in my Coinbase wallet. I am vaguely aware there was a fork but not sure what that means (can you pick one or the other after the fork?) I have a few questions about this:

  1. Shouldn't the default have been that I I kept the BCH that I had in my Coinbase Wallet? How did it get "converted" to BSV?

  2. Was there anything I could have done to "choose" BCH over BSV in my Coinbase Wallet? Or did I lose out because it toook me over a year after the fork to do anything?

I will be doing a BSV/BCH pair trade on CoinEx then moving it back to Coinbase, or at least attempting to.

EDIT: Oh wait, on Coinbase Pro it looks like I do have BCH. I am confused.

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