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Questions about ETH2.0

Questions about ETH2.0

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So, in 2020/21, or whenever we finally get ETH2.0 how will the balance of 'ETH' we have now be affected?

Will we have to 'convert' ETH to ETH2.0?

Lastly, on the roadmap section of Ethhub it says this - "There will be a minimum amount of ETH stake needed in order to first bootstrap the beacon chain. This is defined as CHAIN_START_FULL_DEPOSIT_THRESHOLD in the deposit contract that will live on the Eth 1.0 chain. Currently, this is set to 16384 validators needed. That would mean 524,288 ETH in total stake is needed. This would pay ~11% interest to stakers. To become a validator, you'll need to stake 32 ETH2."

In this passage of text it references ETH and ETH2 seemingly interchangeably, so, in essence in order to be able to stake 32 ETH2 with the aim of receiving the 11% interest do I simply have to offer the equivalent amount of ETH?

Sorry if my wording is poor.

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