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Hi all, We have recently released Razor network on rinkeby testnet. We have released, where you can explore the transactions on the network.

You can also submit your own URLs which will be reported by the Oracle in regular intervals.

If you haven't heard about the Razor Oracle network, here is a summary: 1. Razor network is a truly decentralized Oracle. We don't "partner" with companies to run nodes and provide data. Anyone can stake and provide data.

  1. Razor network is game theoretically sound. We use iterated schellingcoin game. Which means the results of the Oracle can be disputed. This is similar to Augur and Kleros and has proven to be robust both practically and theoretically.

  2. Razor network is fast. Currently it reports data at 10 minute intervals, but it can be reduced to less than a minute in future.

  3. Razor network can also be used to ask questions which will be answered by stakers manually. E.g. you can ask questions like "Who won the US 2020 election?" And you don't have to provide a source URL. Stakers will manually fetch the answer and report it. Manual queries will take more time to resolve, as expected.

For more details, our whitepaper and litepaper, please check out our website We will appreciate your feedback.


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