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r/Bitcoin is filled with fan girls who know nothing

r/Bitcoin is filled with fan girls who know nothing

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Majority of the r/Bitcoin sub is filled with a bunch of kids who have a few dollars in bitcoin just spamming the sub and talking about how much of a bitcoin maximalist they are. Majority of the top heads who were promoting bitcoin before the 2017 halving aren’t even dick riding bitcoin as hard or claim theirselves as maximalist. All these little kiddies do is slob on the knob of any famous person who supports bitcoin such as Jack Dorsey even though jack is a complete moron. They don’t realize that blockstreams bitcoin is not even the real bitcoin. Me Like many other people we have been using bitcoin since the Silk Road days and blockstreams bitcoin is not the same as this bitcoin. Bitcoin cash however is the real bitcoin is transacts as fast as the original one and fees are almost free that’s how a P2P currency should be and I think the real bitcoin is what scares banks and corporations. Banks and corporations are only flocking to blockstreams bitcoin because they’re the ones manipulating it, they know they can completely take it over and form a brand new slave system out of it. Sadly since banks and corporations are against bitcoin cash I think they will do everything in their power to keep it out of the game that’s when majority of the world is using crypto as our official currencies.

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