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/r/CC! Your very own POKéMON legend is about to unfold! A world of fast, cheap transactions with Fuel⛽️ awaits! Let's go!

/r/CC! Your very own POKéMON legend is about to unfold! A world of fast, cheap transactions with Fuel⛽️ awaits! Let's go!

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/r/CC! Your very own POKéMON legend is about to unfold! A world of fast, cheap transactions with Fuel⛽️ awaits! Let's go!

2 months ago, we released a demo for transferring and swapping Reddit Community Points (r/CryptoCurrency MOONs and r/FortNiteBR BRICKs) on Fuel, the world’s most scalable optimistic rollup. This allowed up to 350tps of cheap and fast transactions.

Today, we’re back with something even bigger and better: Ethereum Plays Pokémon, on a new version of Fuel! Redditors familiar with Twitch Plays Pokémon from \checks notes** six years ago will understand exactly what this entails. For the rest of us: control every move of Pokémon protagonist Satoshi through transactions on Fuel, until he defeats the Elite Four and becomes the very best!

This is only the first of several applications that are being built on top of Fuel. Over the next weeks we will be publishing additional tools and applications for you to play with, so stay tuned.

This demo supports any wallet, including smart contract wallets, with no special setup or additional private key. WalletConnect allows you to use your existing wallet (if you have one) directly, such as MetaMask!

About Fuel

Fuel is an optimistic rollup: a trustless, permissionless, sidechain that is secured by the main Ethereum network. Anyone, anywhere, at any time, can move tokens in and out of the Fuel chain, transfer them, and more. The maximum transaction throughput of Fuel is currently around 500tps. Transactions are faster, cheaper, and still fully decentralized.

Fuel Labs is the world leader in trustless and permissionless blockchain scaling. Our team has pioneered the design of optimistic rollups, which enable dynamic heterogeneous sharding on Ethereum today for massive scalability without sacrificing decentralization.

The Fuel rollup chain is specifically optimized to maximize transaction throughput without proportionally increasing the cost of running a full node. It is the most scalable optimistic rollup chain in the world, and is designed to enable the original use case of blockchains: unstoppable digital payments.

Jump Into "Fuel Plays Pokémon" Immediately

  1. Open
  2. Click “QuickStart” to set up a burner wallet. You’ll automatically receive an allocation of fMoons from a faucet.
  3. Press one of the buttons (d-pad, a, b, select, or start) and follow the prompt to make a move!

Connect to “Fuel Plays Pokémon” With Your Reddit Cash Wallet

  1. Open on your computer.
  2. Open on your phone.
  3. Click “Connect to Wallet” and WalletConnect.
  4. On your phone, open the QR code scanner (top right corner) and scan the WalletConnect QR code.
  5. Approve to connect your wallet to Fuel Plays Pokémon.
  6. Click buttons on the Game Boy interface and approve the transactions in your wallet.
  7. If you would like to skip signing transactions each time, check the “Auto-approve transactions” box and approve on your wallet. You can now send transactions instantly!

Thank you for trying out our demo!

If you’d like to know more and keep up to date with new releases, follow us on Twitter @FuelLabs_. If you have any questions, ask us on Twitter or on our community and developer Discord channel.

Follow our team on Twitter: @IAmNickDodson, @DMihal, and @jadler0.

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