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Reasons I like LTC

Reasons I like LTC

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  1. everyone is slagging it off as old tech, that POS has already taken over from POW. It's slipped from a top 5 coin to almost out the top 20. neglected
  2. it lags many coins then explodes upwards very quickly. those who haven't sold here aren't going to. and funds like grayscale been scooping. strong hands only, weak been flushed. It's actually one of the less appreciated assets that could still play catch up bigly.
  3. it's at historic range lows vs. BTC, and has been in a wide horizontal range vs. btc since 2017 - LIKE DOGE before it exploded upwards out of that range and totally moooned
  4. it has brand recognition (for want of a better word) and positive sentiment towards it
  5. the tech that's coming - mimblewimble is a game changer. optional fungibility - a trait that real money (cash) has, that BTC doesn't have.
  6. has mainstream accessibility (paypal and many others),
  7. has a simple proposition and raison d'etre that everyday people can grasp.
  8. it seems to have a more fun, more lighthearted, less stuffy personality than btc (including those who support it). seems more welcoming as a community.
  9. not at risk of being accused of being a security (some POS fud could really switch perception)
  10. I'm not a big fan of 'LTC is the silver to BTC's gold' narrative, because it doesn't exactly have industrial purposes (like silver actually does) BUT maybe in terms of responding to inflation it does share some of silver's qualities (yes we are experiencing some of that aren't we!). this plays into the lagging price action it sees - pumping late in a bull mania. the macro backdrop is really pointing towards this as an opportunity
  11. it works, it's tried and trusted, it's very well supported (wallets, onramps, media), it runs ahead of BTC in terms of POW innovation/adopting new
  12. charlie lee seems to be committed but for the genuine good of the project. he sold out and timed it well, fair play to him, he seems transparent and still passionate but not chasing the media in a cringey way unlike other devs/key proponents of a coin
  13. when other things have run up a lot, many will look to another coin. ltc doesn't seem to have the hate that some have for other projects
  14. ltc is memeable, especially when btc is doing well. It's LTC's turn to have a run now given the above.
  15. it is fast, cheap and efficient means of payment and has been for its lifetime
  16. it is still around and has held value over almost a decade
  17. it seems well decentralised although I haven't learnt that much about mining decentralisation

please add some more points below!

Litecoin LFG! Now comes the painful bit where it continues to hold back before it EXPLODES

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