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Reddit Scaling Bakeoff Submission: Abridged & Kchannels

Reddit Scaling Bakeoff Submission: Abridged & Kchannels

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Reddit Scaling Bakeoff Submission: Abridged & Kchannels

Reddit Scaling Bakeoff Submission: Abridged & Kchannels

Abridged came together in order to create Ethereum applications for a broader population. Informed by our cofounder’s experience launching the first off-chain payment channels at Spankchain, we recognize that scaling is more of an onboarding problem than it is a throughput problem. For this reason, our design philosophy revolves around the goal of instant onboarding that happens in the background, and abstracts all the scary bits of private key management.

The submission for the Reddit scaling bakeoff comes from a technology stack that includes:

Abridged - smart contract wallet and relayer architecture (sdk) - OAuth onboarding and key management

Kchannels - horizontally scalable state channel solution (repo)

Please find the following video describing the problem, mission and goals, technology stack, and demo for our bakeoff submission:

Video Outline

0:00 - 2:27 Mission and Introduction of Project

2:27 - 5:23 Reddit User Demo

5:23 - 7:23 Kchannels Demo

7:23 -7:40 Future Developments and Closing

Active Demo

If you want to test the experience we created, please do not hesitate to try:

Be warned, this implementation was created for demo purposes only, and there is a high likelihood that something will break or not go as planned : ).

Submission Data

Relayer Costs

GSN - 200,000 gas
Abridged - 21,000 gas

The Abridged relayer provides a significantly cheaper solution to transaction management than the fully decentralized Gas Station Network. We build for practicality, while always optimizing for a path to decentralize in the future. You can test this in the UI at

Transaction Throughput

Kchannels are only limited by the hardware deployed to serve the needs of the use case. This technology is built for simple integrations with Web2 architecture and scales similar to any payment processor today (ie. Visa).

The Reddit bakeoff submission requirements stood at 0.25 tps, our solution at lowest capacity demonstrated 1 tx/s, and can easily scale to accommodate higher demand for a better experience.


The fact that Reddit is taking this step to create value aligned communities that live beyond their own platform strongly resonates with the leaders of this project. We hope you accept our humble submission and look forward to hearing feedback on the way you see us building with Reddit in the future!

PS: Shoutout to for the amazing tech, and LimeChain for assisting with the implementation!

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