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Referral Program - Help me clear this up?

Referral Program - Help me clear this up?

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Hey all,

I am trying to look at the intricacies of the referral program. I see that the referral award has dropped from 50% of the 0.1% trading fee to 25% of the 0.1% trading fee, so the reward for the person who referred the person making the trade is 0.00025% of the coin being purchased. Let's say they purchase 1,000,000 of coin X, so the referral reward is 0.0000025 * 1,000,000 coin X which would be 2.5 coin X. If at the time of the trade, coin X was worth exactly $1, and thirty days later it doubles in value to $2, is the reward going to be $1 worth of coin X or $2 worth of coin X?

According to the website, the referral award comes 30 days after the trade.

Likewise, what happens when the person trading is paying for their fees with BNB? Do you receive the bonus based on the amount that they paid, or the amount that BNB was worth at the time of the trade?

I hope that they didn't implement the 30-day policy as a way to decrease the actual amount that referer's receive. I doubt they did this, but it is relatively unclear how the policy works.

Also, after double checking, I see that my referer % is 20%, not 25%. It says you can earn up to 40% in the advertisement. Is this if you refer more people that you receive a higher percentage of rewards?

Thanks in advance!

EDIT: when you pay fees with BNB, is the price of BNB based on the most recent trade that was made? The website calls this "Market Value" I believe.

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