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“Remember, one day a single Bitcoin will be worth $50,000”

“Remember, one day a single Bitcoin will be worth $50,000”

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Back in the early days of Bitcoin, around the time when alts started popping up, many users spent time in the Bitcointalk forum, perhaps many still do. The value was hovering around $100-300 and just as we are now, everyone was excited about the future!

One comment reply that has always stuck with me, and one I have used countless times in the 8 years since I first heard it, was “Remember, one day a Bitcoin will be worth $50,000.” It was said with such conviction and authority that I haven’t been able to forget it.

Perhaps you’re reading this now?

Today we are on the cusp of that prediction coming true, and though it felt like a certainty back then. I want to say thank you.

Thank you to that person for giving me the ground work to build upon with my own Bitcoin journey. Thank you for instilling confidence in me that I could share with others. Thanks for being the first person to open the door for me and show me the true meaning, value and potential of Bitcoin. I won’t ever forget it and hope you’re doing very well in life.

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