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Replacing in game currency with Eth based token

Replacing in game currency with Eth based token

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I manage a number of apps and would like to explore options to replace the in game currencies with an ethereum based token that can be moved across app.

Rather than doing this in a private server I'm interested in Ethereum as I'd ultimately like to open up the currency to apps outside of my ownership and foster an ecosystem for game developers.

There are some issues as far as I can see - wallets need to be created per user and as much of the complexity involved abstracted away.

Wallets need to be seeded with a small amount of Eth to enable transfers. Another layer of friction.

Would working with a plasma chain solution such as Loom help to solve some of these issues?

I'm aware that coins such as Kin provide an off the shelf SDK to enable integration of the kin currency but I have concerns over centralisation and issuance of kin tokens and would like to understand options available on ethereum.

Any input or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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