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Riviera Beach agrees to pay $600K ransom

Riviera Beach agrees to pay $600K ransom

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The City Council of Riviera Beach (Florida) unanimously voted to pay the ransom demanded by unknown hackers who took control of the computer system of the city and blocked access to the stored data.

According to the city authorities, they have no other choice but to pay criminals 65 BTC (about $600 000) in exchange for saving important information.

Hackers took control of the computer system Riviera Beach in early June, using a virus sent by e-mail. As a result of the attack, the local police and fire service were forced to record information about incoming 911 calls on paper. There are about 280 calls per day.

It will also take about $1 million to fully repair and upgrade damaged systems.

Recall that in May, thousands of office computers in Baltimore, Maryland, as well as in other US cities were under attack by hackers who demanded to pay them $100,000 in BTC. It is noteworthy that they used the program "EternalBlue", which was developed by the US National Security Agency (NSA).


The worst thing about this is that a lot of people can have serious problems and someone can get hurt because of a broken system of receiving calls to 911.

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