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Roger Ver his support for Bitcoin Cash promotion

Roger Ver his support for Bitcoin Cash promotion

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I asked Roger Ver for 10 Bitcoin 2 days ago to support my project to promote Bitcoin Cash. He sent me two encrypted messages and after left me in the dark.

I told to Roger that my project has the potential of gaining extensive support for Bitcoin Cash. I working on a peer-to-peer software based on Bitcoin Cash and I'm ready to release it. He also told me that he is a half Hungarian and his last name "Ver" is means blood in Hungarian which is correct.

I was shocked that after 2 message he sent me, he simply left me in the dark when I asked for his support. I did not asked 100 Bitcoin I asked only 10 Bitcoin from his 100,000 Bitcoin but he did not even answer me afterwards.

Overall I think Roger Ver is a great man and Bitcoin Cash is amazing.

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