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Round 2 of funding for Kain_niaK's BCH Stickers ASIA project (token KAIN1, as in Kain_niak's first project)

Round 2 of funding for Kain_niaK's BCH Stickers ASIA project (token KAIN1, as in Kain_niak's first project)

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My first round of funding can be found here.

I have about 300 USD in funding now. I need 300 USD more.
After collecting this 300 USD in BCH and handing out my KAIN1 tokens, my programmer disappeared on me completely. (the deal was to pay him after the job). But now I have found a new programmer who I believe is eager to go to work. Again he will not be paid until a good chunk of work is done. It's not a problem for programmers that know my character because I don't cheat them out of their money. As soon as my programmer starts working the BCH will be sold for a stablecoin and put in cold storage so a market crash can not ruin the party. Unless my programmer requests otherwise but then he takes on risk for himself.

Alright so what is the plan?

Phase 1: A website that just shows you a shipping address input form. When you put in a shipment address, the website check the validity of the address and then calculates how much it would cost to send a normal envelope with 10 maybe 20 "we accept BCH" stickers.

Phase 2: BCH integration in to the website, now that the shipping cost is estimated, the website adds a bit of money (this will be profit until the project is break even and everybody has their money back, then I will lower the cost price) and then serves a BCH payment URI in the same style as Bitpay does. this means when you paste this in to Electron Cash it auto fills in the amount and everything.

Phase 3: Find a person on the ground in Asia that can print "We accept BCH stickers" and ship them.

Phase 4: connect the website to his person so he automatically gets the orders and can get print stickers and ships them on each order.

This is what the programmer will do for 700 USD in BCH by Dec 9.

In the beginning this person will get some start up capital to set him up to print "We accept BCH" stickers" (I will most likely pay for this out of pocket) but when people order the BCH does not automatically go to him, it's put on hold until after I (as the manager of the program) has received word the stickers has arrived. Then the BCH is send to the person on the ground. When this person on the ground proves they are reliable this system can be changed so they directly get the BCH on each order.

The website would only be focussed towards serving asia for now.

Phase 5: Write BCH practical info material that can be printed on a A4 in each language of the asian countries. This material will be a step to step guide for merchants to accept BCH.

It will use this video as an example.

Problem 1: Right now app and Bitcoin Cash register do not work on every version of android or IOS. This needs to change to that even for people with phones from 2012 and OS from 2012 they can use something like the app and the Bitcoin Cash register.

The info material will have a very simple and step by step guide in the local language to show how merchants can accept BCH using a 2 phone system. Owner gets the BCH on a address on his phone. Employees use the cash register app and can not steal the BCH.

The stickers and the info material will be send in just normal regular envelopes, they will not be packages. Just 10 or 20 stickers plus a couple of A4 pages with info.

Now let's get to the funding process. I am about to create a token with the URL to this post as the Document URL. This token will be called: "Kain_niaK BCH Stickers ASIA project" with ticker KAIN1. 600 tokens will be created.

Why 600 tokens? because I am putting 100 USD of my own money (and risk) in to this project. I am selling 600 tokens for 1 dollar worth of BCH.

So when this project is running, and when people put in a order ... after the costs for printing the stickers and the info page and the shipping costs it will ad some extra satoshis to the amount. When people pay, this difference will directly be airdropped to the token holders BCH addresses.

Until a full 600 USD worth of BCH is dropped to the addresses and everybody has the same amount of USD back (in BCH) as they spend on the tokens.

What does this mean?

It means I am taking on 1/7th of the risk of this project myself and I am asking the community to talk the remaining 6/7th of risk. If you are going to fund, it's your duty to investigate and figure out if this is a realistic project or not. I will do my best but if it goes wrong and you never get the funding money back ... then you can not sue me for that. I myself will also have lost 100 USD on it.

It also means that as soon as everybody has their money back .... the prices of sending the stickers and info will drop so the project is self sustainable but without making a profit. That means people that use the service will only pay for the costs or material, the cost of shipment, and the wage for the person in Asia that does the work.

It means that the community will have a very neat service for them in the future. When you find somebody in asia that is willing to either start looking for merchants to hook up to BCH or a merchant that wans to start accepting BCH all you need is their mail address.

You then go to the website, fill it it and pay the BCH bill. It's a fire and forget service. It's costs will be as low as humanly possible. We focus on asia because shipping from a country in asia to another country in asia is cheap. Labor costs are lower, manufacturer costs are lower as well.

The other reason is this. Right now I have a telegram gram channel with 4000 people from countries like Bangladesh. These are types of people that use to work in clickfarms. Because of cryptocurrency they left these farms and started their own clickfarm operations online using telegram groups and cryptocurrency. I bet you guys did not know that this is happening. Why is this happening. Well in the old days these people depended on at least one guy with access to international banking... otherwise they could not get paid.

As soon as these click farm people figured out they no longer depended on this because of cryptocurrency they all left their old jobs.

What are these people doing now? They are doing scams. They upvote on reddit for dogecoin. They make it look like cryptocurrency scams are more popular than they really are. The fill in catchpa's to raid token faucets. All kinds of unethical shit.

We can put these people to work towards building a non speculative future for cryptocurrency. One that is not based upon ripping other people off. One that is based on added value. Real value that gets lost in the old system and gets added to the new system.

I recently send somebody in Bangladesh 20 USD in BCH. He is a student and he gets 20 USD a month from his parents.

People like him I am going to pay BCH to approach merchants and also offer the merchants a small "bribe" to start accepting BCH. If cryptocurrency is illegal in his country we will find whatever people there are using online and build a SLP token to make it look like it's the same thing. Or a skinned BCH wallet that looks like it's the same thing. (so no BCH stickers in that situation, but we will make other stickers"

So hereby I have suggested a project to the BCH community with a mechanism to become break even automatically because BCH revenue that is not costs will be airdropped automatically to the token holders until everybody is break even.

The community will then have a service to spread the minimum required material that is needed to get merchants in ASIA going. "We accept BCH stickers" plus a practical guide in the local language how a merchant can accept BCH.

We, the BCH community are the mothership but now we got to tentacle out. This is an idea for a service that will make it easier to tentacle out. A merchant in bangladesh where cryptocurrency is illegal has lots to lose by illegally starting to accept crypto but he also has lots of gain. He probably does not have access to international banking, probably not even have a bank account himself. What if he has a good idea but no capital to realize? It's only capitalism for us, but not for them because they HAVE NO ACCESS to capital. Well a merchant like that will plug in to the BCH community through contact people that are more integrated which themselves have contact people that re more integrated. He could follow this model to get funding for something. once he is integrated assessment can be made about his character and how likely it is that he will rip people off. Trust, when it has been established goes a long way.

This is very risky but we have to do it. Satoshi said:

We can win a major battle in the arms race and gain a new territory of freedom for several years

Well it's time we start arming the world. So far encryption tools have been passive. This is the first aggressive weapon. The first assault weapon. An assault on government and their monopoly on money systems. If I can bribe people in Bangladesh to start approaching merchants. If I can bribe merchants to start accepting BCH. Well eventually we will be able to bribe politicians there to make BCH legal. Perhaps even their new national currency. The sword cut's two ways. I believe Ross Ulbricht got arrested primarily because two FBI agents wanted his Bitcoins (or at least were very motivated to catch him because of his Bitcoins). That is a clear example of Bitcoin corrupting them. It that works with FBI agents it can work with anybody.

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