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Safest non-hardware wallet for receiving and storing $30,000+ BTC?

Safest non-hardware wallet for receiving and storing $30,000+ BTC?

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I have been working with some of my buddies from from F2Pool and Stake for over a year now on some BTC that they have been staking/storing in their system for me. It started with an initial value of $1,000 which I was storing in the Green wallet until transferring it to their system. Since that began, the price has skyrocketed. In addition, I also personally funded my account in their system monthly, so between that and the insane price increase over the year, my total value is now $35,000. I am receiving it this week and will be getting a hardware wallet at some point in the near-ish future, however in the meantime, what are the safest/best non-hardware wallets that will be able to accept my large $30,000+ BTC transaction without anything in the wallet and store it safely? I use iOS for my phone and windows for my PC

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