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SCAM ALERT: The recent photo posted by Xtrabytes is CONFIRMED to have been photoshopped and is FAKE

SCAM ALERT: The recent photo posted by Xtrabytes is CONFIRMED to have been photoshopped and is FAKE

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Xtrabytes recently made a blog post about achieving another "milestone" and having two team members sign NDAs in order to review their alleged technology/technologies, such as POSign, which has never been proven to exist.

As is usual, the Xtrabytes team touted this as a milestone achievement in their 2+ year long journey to obtain patents so that they can release their alleged revolutionary technology. It should be noted that in that time frame, Xtrabytes has not released any product or proven that any exist whatsoever.

I have covered this scam in extensive detail, which is reflected in my post history should you care to research. Due to this, I will not spend a lot of time going back over this scam's history. If you care to check it out, there's a ton of posts in my post history. Here are a few of the bigger, more important posts:

Regarding the blog post, anyone that works with pictures and images can probably almost immediately spot some oddities in the photo, such as the distortion on the edges of the t-shirt, distortion on the logo and lettering on shirt, and the odd layout on the laptop screen. The laptop screen displays the Xtrabytes logo with "POSign" underneath. This struck me as odd considering no one would ever abbreviate something like the name of the technology or key point on the cover page of legal paperwork. It's not done. Ever. The document that is being signed also looks odd. It does not look like any legal contract I've ever seen.

After the abnormalities (and subsequent questions like if 4 people met for 2 days, why is there only a photo of the back of one person's head?) began stacking up, I decided to run the photo through a forensic software - both by URL and by upload. This is an important note because of the way photo metadata is stored and because of photo compression. In THIS link, I have put together what I found, along with notes about how photo forensics works, different tools used, explanations, etc. .

The conclusion is that the photo that was posted by Xtrabytes is not their photo. It was not taken by the team. It is photoshopped, which can be seen in the metadata of the picture, along with the amount of and the areas photoshopped. The most notable areas that are clearly and conclusively photoshopped are the logo on the t-shirt, the document on the table, and the computer screen, which show high levels of contrast and distortion - common proof of the photo being saved down from a site rather than being an authentic photo. Together, this proves that the Xtrabytes team photoshopped their logo on the shirt, photoshopped the document on the table, and photoshopped their logo and "POSign" onto the laptop screen.

Looking at the metadata also proves without a doubt that this image is not authentic to Xtrabytes. It was not taken with a phone or with a camera, which is proven by the absense of certain fields such as ISO, shutterspeed, and timestamp. The size of the image is not a standard size on any available product, leading to the conclusion the image was resized and/or cropped. The "Creator Tool" field lists Adobe Photoshop as the tool, which would not be the case with an authentic photo. There is an example of an authentic picture's metadata in the link for comparison. Here is a thorough guide on what to look for to tell if an image is fake and/or has been photoshopped. You’ll notice that the picture posted by Xtrabytes fits many of the criteria listed.

The photo posted by Xtrabytes is NOT a team member (Danny) as they claim it is, nor is it of signing an NDA, or anything else Xtrabytes-related. What this photo IS is clear and conclusive evidence that the Xtrabytes team lied, posted a fake, photoshopped photo claiming it was their own and was proof of a self-proclaimed "milestone", and they are doing this in order to pump the price of their coins, which can be seen on their Bitcointalk post where the team is actively attempting to use this to pump the coin. Ironically, a team member stated that XBY "detractors" and FUDsters who are "merry fuckwits" would probably say the image was photoshopped and began mocking the users, which includes myself (not that it’s important, but just to note).

They lied about this. What else have they lied about? In my opinion... everything.

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