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Scam warning - Blockforce (Samuel Wiss)

Scam warning - Blockforce (Samuel Wiss)

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Unfortunately I have been let down again by putting my trust in someone. The user who goes by the name Blockforce on localbitcoins, real name Samuel Wiss, has scammed me out of 7 BTC.

We had worked together a few times in the past, and he had always held up his end of the deal...although he was sometimes delayed. He was supposed to pay me back 7 BTC by August 30th at 8pm. For each day he was late, he was supposed to pay 2% interest.

Throughout these almost 3 weeks of delay, he has maintained minimal contact....and on several occasions claimed he was "sending now" only to disappear.

Yes it is my fault for trusting him, I get that. I thought he valued his name and his reputation. I guess I was wrong. For the life of me I can't understand why he keeps saying he is "About to send" and then disappears. So I turn to you the community to ask of the following.

  1. If you have a localbitcoins account, please leave him negative feedback. This not only provides some pressure, but prevents him using this profile in attempt to leverage others to loan him funds.
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  2. If you know any method in which I can retrieve the funds, please do let me know.
  3. Why the heck does he keep giving me excuses and seem like he is about to send, only to disappear?

I have copies of his IDs, his passport, selfies with a specific note (to ensure he wasnt sim swapped), and convos proving my case. If anyone wants proof before leaving him negative feedback or helping me out please let me know and I can provide.

Here is a list of the excuses he has given me so far:

  1. He is on the way home to send

  2. He was waiting for the withdrawal from Kraken

  3. He didnt have the cable to send

  4. He fell asleep cause he was druink

  5. His miner friend got kidnapped for ransom

  6. His phone was taken by the police who were pretending to be him (yet it was off? =/)

  7. He wasnt able to meet a mutual friend to provide partial cash payment

  8. He couldn't send EMTs cause DC Bank was down, then back, then down again

  9. He was gone for the weekend so couldn't send because he didn't have reception

  10. He was waiting for his wire to arrive - but then apparently had to return funds to an investor

  11. He was waiting for his miner friend to pay him back - but he cant payback because hes in a bad position

  12. Now im waiting again, told me he was gonna send me 2 BTC at 9 pm on 09/17..then he said noon 09/18. then at 5pm he said hes sending. Then he disappeared again, nothing sent.

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