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Scam warning: Onefinex and BDV coin scam via Tinder

Scam warning: Onefinex and BDV coin scam via Tinder

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Tl;dr: 2 people not related to each other got scammed by a tinder match into buying altcoin which has indications of a pump and dump scam.

Hey guys, this is a bit of an interesting story (and my first experience with crypto, so if I’m wrong on any assumptions let me know)

About 2 months ago my friend approached me about this coin a girl had told him to buy: BDV. He informed me of its exchange called Onefinex and asked me to audit it.

Link for those interested:

Below are the red flags I encountered:

  • Domain is 128 days old only.
  • No two step verification process on checkout
  • All other coins listed on the exchange have no information on them, only BDV does.
  • The price is varying significantly for a coin that is on a private exchange (needs a code for signup that was given by the girl)
  • 90 day lockdown period for initial investment (not sure if this is common)

Now while most of these flags are red, I informed my friend and he still went ahead with the investment. It could even be a real coin at this point but... not my money ????????‍♂️

Cut to two months later, he invests and tells me; I make a post on reddit about it. Someone reaches out to me and tells me his story about BDV: he matched with a beautiful Asian lady from Hong Kong on Tinder who told him that her uncle works at BDV. She sent him receipts of her purchase and told him to buy. She even told him she’ll go partner with him on the investment. She told him when to sell so that he can make a profit.

Here’s the thing... the EXACT SAME THING happened to my friend. He too was approached by a tinder match from Hong Kong claiming to have an uncle and looking to make quick money. She too sent her investment proofs.

Now, I’m not a mathematician but those odds are astronomically high that two random people on separate parts of Earth can have two exact same experiences.

So here’s my final take on the whole scam:

There are scammers in Hong Kong (or that area) who are using Tinder to hook in lonely men and get them to invest in BDV with the promise that they too will invest a certain amount in a partnership scenario (which makes it seem like less of a scam along with the the previous investment proof I mentioned).

Once these men invest, the “lady” will then “inform” them on when to sell, so that the man can make a quick profit in a short time. However this will never happen, the men will get fucked over, since there’s a lockdown period for their money.

Both of the people I know who got into BDV are now trying to get out.

End thoughts: please be a bit careful about your money. Idk if these scams are common or not but if my friend had done a little bit more research (like I did) instead of trusting a random tinder match, they would’ve walked away scot free.

The coin is releasing next month. So if you have been scammed I’d try to get out immediately.

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