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Scammed by BitStarz online crypto casino !!

Scammed by BitStarz online crypto casino !!

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Scammed by BitStarz online crypto casino !!

Hello guys,

I posted this on BTC subreddit already, but I think that much more awareness must be created regarding this matter of Cryptocurrency related online casino's scam's and frauds!

As we are in 2020, in a time where crypto gets more and more important, I have yesterday decided to play on a crypto related online casino BitStarz due to the positive reviews..

I deposited a sum of 58 euros in total, don't know how much ETH that was equalling yesterday night exactly, it should be around 0.40-0.45 ETH I suppose. I was winning once I started to play, I had small winnings and ultimately turned that 58 Euro into 1.5 ETH. I did not want to risk too much, since I wanted to use that money to buy more coins instead. I sent the money to binance to buy coins but then decided to deposit again on BitStarz. First a portion of 0.4 ETH which I eventually lost, then another deposit of the remaining ETH worth 1.1. So far so good. I luckily managed to turn this amount into 2.7 ETH, which is not bad at all. I thought that this was more than enough. It was time to stop and withdraw the 2.7 ETH. Then the hell started, since they requested for verification of my documents. I have acted very quickly and made pictures of my ID which were on my desk already, also of a Bill to prove my address.

After this, they requested the backside of my ID, whithout any hesitation I provided this aswell. Then they stated that my profile was not complete, with missing info. I have filled in these very quickly, such as my Telephone number and even verified this one.

I was happy to have 2.7 ETH and I planned to invest in some alts. This morning I received this shocking mail by ''Henry'' :

This is a false accusation, they just causally conclude that I have provided them false documents! I contacted them and the same ''henry'' was on the chat. He stated there, without any empathy that : ''The back of the card does not match to front of the card which is quite clear from the picture'' Then he added that this ( fraudulent/scam ) decision is final and said that he was going to close the chat. I mean, I have two clear pictures of my Dutch ID card, how could they possibly conlcude that its fake or not matching? Do they even know how a Dutch ID card looks like !

I am furious lads, I am not a addict nor someone who plays on every available casino. I just want my honest earnings. I have also screetshots of this chat, but I am not preferring to write a whole novel here ( which I already did I suppose''.

Stay away from this online casino guys, because when you will win anything above 300 USD, they will find a reason to remove your winnings. I wonder if that would happen also if you would lose above 300 USD?

I wanted to create awareness regarding this matter, so you can all clearly see that so-called Crypto-casino's can be quite scammy, like many shitcoins are. I will never try anything like this anymore.

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