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Scammer Alert: @Benedictseamus "0 cost mining, 100% ROI, just give me all your details"

Scammer Alert: @Benedictseamus "0 cost mining, 100% ROI, just give me all your details"

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User: /user/Benedictseamus

I got a message from this user saying:

Hello there

I had a quick look at their profile, they seemed new. Perhaps needing help or a question about something that I had posted so I clicked accept and replied with:


They then asked how I was, very polite as it were. I did not have time for long convo as I was busy so I just asked if I could help. This is when I knew the scam was about to start. They told me they were a I’m a stock broker and a bitcoin miner and they wanted to talk to me about it. Me, little old me. Well I was honoured. I replied truthfully. I know of it but I am no means an expert.

They told me that there was no cost, but very good return of investment. "No cost at all , with this mining scheme you get 100% ROI and lots of bonuses". Well my penis was positively throbbing at this. 100% return, 0 cost. This was it, I finally made it.

Quick, sign me up what can I do....

It's simple, just create a new wallet and then the "mining hardware" will do the rest for me. I said I would create a wallet but they told me no, it has to be created on this specific website:

All they needed was my wallet ID and my temporary password.

The reason why we ask you to create with a temporary password is because it’s an international connection , you not here with me and I’m not there with you, so we derived a means which we can be able to connect those who are not of closed distance. So when you get channeled to the miner you will then have to change your password to the permanent one after connection is done

Now, all he needs is my details. Well, I was just texting my friend James, and James is a nice name. So tonight Matthew I will be: James... er.... Montgomery. And I googled nice places in England and got somewhere called Edale. That will do, sounds posh.

I also wanted them to know I was serious. I had 33BTC I would put into this. I wanted to get 100% returns on that. This was it. When lambo?

I then gave him my authenticator details and password:

I did get a log in request to authorise in my inbox:

There were some issues but I asked if he was expert (my confidence was waning):

After some tinkering around they got my account set up. I was then advised to change my password.

Wow, The really care about my security. I changed the password and then that was that. All I need to do deposit BTC into my newly secure account and then 100%.

Except its not. Two things probably happened here:

  • 1) They made a copy of my backup phrase meaning they can access my account at any time.

  • 2) The stored my details in an app that uses the API. This way they can instantly check the account for a deposit and then remove it straight away.

I decided to try my luck. Can I get them to give me some bitcoin? My aim here is 1 get something from them and 2 get their address so I can report it.

I clearly am no clever persuader and I clearly am not getting anything from them so I just thought I would leave them waiting with excitement whilst I write this blog post up:

I can't believe these scams still happen, do people still fall for this?


Full convo:

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