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Send a Transaction with Zero Fee

Send a Transaction with Zero Fee

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Litecoin Fees are always low and reliable, which is great! I wanted to send 0 Fee Transaction in LTC Network, just for testing. I'll always pay the fees to support the LTC Miners in the normal run, but the interest in trying a 0 Fee TX is staying in my brain since a few days. I tried setting up my own Litecoin Node with Litecoin Core, and while this worked and runs fine, it seems to have a hardcoded minimum fee, probably in order to prevent spamming. I saw posts of guys confirming 0 Fee Test-Transactions here in 2017, and I wonder how I can establish this. I tried an older version of Coinomi as well, but it fails to send the tx to the mempool if you set the fee to zero.

Thanks for your help in advance

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