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Serious Discussion: IOTA

Serious Discussion: IOTA

IOTA Reddit

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Hey everyone,

I would like to have a serious discussion about IOTA. I want to get a feel for what you all think about it and hopefully get some of my questions and thoughts answered and verified.

It seems to me that the general feel on this sub is not a good one. I while ago I posted a link: which received some very negative comments, for example a couple:

They're a bunch of scammers and always have been

IOTA is a shit coin. Everyone claiming otherwise is either ignorant or evil. Let the shills-downvotes begin.

and on many other posts about IOTA they seem to flood in.

I just don't get it, Here's why I am all for IOTA:

  1. The IOTA Foundation just seem to keep growing and adding some amazing people to their teams: Yesterday, IOTA released this post:

Professor Jon Crowcroft is one of the most internationally recognized researchers in distributed computing

  1. Their developers are always active, for example as of right now on github the last commit to the code was 5 mins ago:

  2. They constantly, almost daily provide updates on the various levels they are working on:

  3. They have many partnerships and are referenced in many public works:

  4. I genuinely believe we are heading for a M2M ECONOMY and I want to be apart of that future. It also appears that IOTA is very Energy Efficient - (This does not consider nodes or the coordinator at the moment.) which would be the perfect solution.

  5. They seem to constantly demo-ing things at conferences and showing off tech they are working on (most recent): ( from the EDAG booth at the IAA in Germany)

so, either I am missing something super obvious or the cases against IOTA are just pure FUD. Please enlighten me. I am no tech expert and a lot of people on here seem to have way more insight into these things than I do. Hence my open discussion.

Please no stupid answers or hate replies, this is a genuine discussion, a chance to argue or defend IOTA. Any points made should be backed up by links and facts. Lets be civil

Disclosure: I am invested in IOTA and I am Pro IOTA.

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