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So now that we are heading into recession..

So now that we are heading into recession..

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Look around you. Retail is dying. Malls are a thing of the past. Only the ones who transition to online sales will survive. Owning Real estate is unreachable for many. That market will have to correct itself. Half of young Americans are living at home and we are still now having people reaching defaulting into a million dollars in student debt. People are averaging 3 payments behind on cars.. that was the most surprising one. One of the top necessities in life to get to work and make any money. Credit hard debt is sky high. All these boomers heading into retirement and our deficit is only growing wider and wider.

Medical bills are bankrupting all Americans. They are the cause of 50% of bankruptcies and healthcare has no fix in sight. It’s still a heavy for-profit market. The stock market is giving all the signs recession is coming. Trumps tariffs are raising prices on everything and will only get worse as he keeps this game up.

All these markets getting hit are gonna make 08’ look like a joke.

What does this mean for Crypto though?

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