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Solidity or JavaScript?

Solidity or JavaScript?

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I'm currently in the process of writing a game however a question has popped up in my head.

A while back I started writing my game in Solidity (i.e the characters, names, stats etc.) and I had completely forgotten. I was just going to use JavaScript to manipulate how the site/game looks etc.

I recently found my old .sol files whilst I was just planning on how to write the game in javascript (i.e the same thing, characters, names, stats etc.) but then came up with the question on, is there really a difference between Solidity and Javascript on how the game will handle, so should I carry on writing as much as my game as possible in Solidity and for those bits I cannot do, write in Javascript. Or should I just use Solidity to handle the backend of the game (for example, the process of managing money, rewards, payment etc.)?

Any ideas?


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