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Some questions about getting started with the lightning network

Some questions about getting started with the lightning network

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Hi folks,

I feel like I'm slowly getting comfortable with on chain transactions and the basic stuff. So I was looking at the lightning network today. From what I have read so far, the lightning network is what makes spending bitcoin in everyday life situations (buying a coffee, for example) viable, as payments on the lightning network are quite fast.

For a start I created a lightning wallet with phoenix (I read it handles all the technical details that can be a headache for newbies). So far so good. Can I make an on-chain tx to my lightning wallet now? I thought about loading a few bucks onto my lightning wallet and try it out. But I'm unsure of whats the easiest way to fund the wallet now. When I hit the receive tab in the phoenix wallet there is an option to display a bitcoin address (for an on-chain tx?) but it also says something about a 0.10% fee. Is that a fee taken by phoenix or is that the tx fee?

I feel like I need to read more about what is different between a lightning wallet and a normal bitcoin wallet. Any pointing to worthwhile reads are appreciated.

Excuse grammar mistakes. Not a native. Thanks and have a great weekend!

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