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Some thoughts on MOONs

Some thoughts on MOONs

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So, Reddit has found a new way to monetize the internet. And the more i think about it, the more i see it as a genius move.

We know that social media make money on ads (and probably personal data leaks but let's not get into that). So, they are incentivizing people that contribute positively to the community with money, which makes the space more interesting, brings more engagement, and therefore more revenue for Reddit.

Also, the more quality content the more interesting the place becomes, but the good thing is it's not just about quality content, if the post is a funny meme or just something interesting it also gets upvotes, so everything that people see as positive gets rewarded, which is exactly what makes someone keep coming back or joining a community.

I remember the daily discussion here had about 200-300 comments on average most times before Moons were implemented, now we are getting 2k comments on weekdays (!) so we can see that it is actually working.

When someone contributes a website with a review, they are somehow contributing for the data of that particular website to be more reliable (the more reviews and better quality of them will surely bring more users) and also increases their revenue. Imagine they start paying users for quality reviews.

Point is, we might have started a experiment that could become the new internet standard. What they are doing here can be also applied on basically any website that increases the number of visitors with community contribution, which are the absolute majority nowadays.

And the best thing about it is that Reddit themselves spent very little on this (basically the cost of creating a crypto) and all of this could happen thanks to cryptocurrencies!

So thank you Reddit for implementing Moons, I really think it's a win win for everybody!

tldr: Reddit might be setting a new internet standard by financially rewarding people that contribute with something seeing as positive to the community and brings more users and visitors, therefore bringing more revenue

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