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Starting with Ethereum

Starting with Ethereum

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This is another post related to Ethereum as a cryptocurrency, sorry for that (I know that we should be talking more about the underlying technology).

I'm new to this and I'm interested in investing in Ethereum. However I have some concerns regarding transaction fees. I'm not a trader, I won't be buying goods with it (at least for now), I'm targeting a long term DCA, and maintain my coins in a personal wallet. I know that there is an Ethereum 2.0 on track that could solve this issue, but the planning seems unclear.

- Should I keep my coins in the exchange wallet (Coinbase Pro in my case) until the availability of Eth 2.0 ?

- If not, do you have some advice to manage this transfer to my personal wallet without being too costly ?

- Can I already buy this Eth 2.0, instead of the current one ?

Thanks for your help.

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